Posted in July 2011

What will get you kicked off US Airways: Saggy pants or underpants?

US Airways has acknowledged that less than a week before having a college student arrested for allegedly refusing to hike up his saggy pants while boarding, the airline allowed a man wearing little more than women’s underwear, black thigh-high stockings and heels to fly. On June 16, University of New Mexico football player Deshon Marman was removed from a … Continue reading

Really Lame: CIA Fake Vaccination and Bin Laden

JAMES FALLOWS – James Fallows is a national correspondent for The Atlantic and has written for the magazine since the late 1970s. A few days ago I mentioned the CIA’s effective but (in my view) long-range foolish tactic of setting up a fake-vaccination program as part of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. According to reports in the Guardian, the … Continue reading

Paul Ryan’s $350 Bottle of Wine?

Remember John Edwards‘s $400 haircut? That turned out to be quite a problem for him. It looks like Paul Ryan is about have a similar problem on his hands. According to this astounding article (with pictures) at Talking Points Memo, Ryan — the leader of the tighten-your-belt, fiscal-austerity crowd — is in the habit of drinking $350-a-bottle wine, … Continue reading

14 Propaganda Techniques Fox “News” Uses to Brainwash Americans

There is nothing more sacred to the maintenance of democracy than a free press. Access to comprehensive, accurate and quality information is essential to the manifestation of Socratic citizenship – the society characterized by a civically engaged, well-informed and socially invested populace. Thus, to the degree that access to quality information is willfully or unintentionally … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann says kindred spirit is… John Wayne Gacy?

You can see the resemblance to John Wayne Gacy right around the eyes. This morning, while in Iowa to announce her candidacy for president, Michele Bachmann made a play for local brownie points by comparing herself to one of the town’s native sons, John Wayne. But John Wayne was from Winterset, Iowa. And the John Wayne from Waterloo … Continue reading