T-Mobile Customer ‘Shaken’ by $200,000 Bill (in single month!)


t-mobile g1 phone collectionA T-Mobile customer in Florida was “shaking and crying” when she received a phone bill of more than $200,000 last month, largely because her younger brother didn’t turn off data roaming during a vacation in Canada.

Celina Aarons has a T-Mobile family plan she shares with her five younger siblings, and usually pays around $175 a month, Miami’s WSVN reports.

But last month Aarons’ younger brother, a college student named Shamir, who is legally deaf, spent two weeks in Canada where he rang up a 43-page, $201,000 cell phone bill.

During his trip Shamir had texted more than 2,000 times, at $0.20/text according to T-Mobile’s international messaging rates, and downloaded videos at a price of $10 per MB (so that five-minute YouTube video could cost you around $100).

“I was freaking out. I was shaking, crying, I couldn’t even talk that much on the phone,” Aarons told WSVN. “I was like my life is over!”

Read the full story at PC Magazine Online…


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