A Question To Ask The ‘Anti-Regulation’ Folks…


Here’s an interesting hypothetical scenario to posit toward folks who claim that regulations are evil, bad for business, job-killing, useless… and whose demise should be a national priority:

Anti Regulation Two Elevator Scenario

Ask the regulation-hater to imagine him- or herself on the 20th floor of a building, standing before two elevators.

The elevator on the left was built using parts and designs that conform to federal and state fire codes, emergency safety standards and uniform quality control standards; it has been installed and maintained according to long-standing state and federal building codes, including fail-safe operation in case of cable failure; and it is inspected throughout the year through local and state building code, National Fire Protection Association standards for Electrical, Fire Sprinklers and Fire Alarms, Plumbing codes, and HVAC codes.

The elevator on the right, in this scenario, was designed, built and installed without any interference from government regulators. The free market and an individual manufacturer designed and built the elevator according to their own standards. Parts were sourced on the open market. Installation was done on a low-bid basis. The building management is responsible for keeping the elevator operating, and is free to choose anyone from its superintendent to a third-party contractor (or no one at all) to provide maintenance according to whatever standard it deems proper.

Knowing all the information presented above, the question to the anti-regulator is this:

“Which elevator would they rather take?”


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