Getting Your Google+ Profile and WordPress blogs linked and +1’d


This is a solution I came up with for WordPress bloggers who are looking to improve their page rank in Google search results, integrate their Google Plus profiles with their WordPress blogs and improve visitor traffic from their blog to their Google+ posts and from Google+ back to their their WordPress blogs.

This solution does three things:

  1. It registers you as publisher of your blog for Google+. This means that any visitors who ‘+1’ or share your blog, posts or comments using the Google+ button anywhere on the web will be ‘credited’ to you. This in turn will improve the page rank of your blog in Google’s search results;
  2. It adds a ‘+1’ button to your blog. This is in addition to the +1 feature provided by WordPress in the Tools>Sharing section of your Administration area. Having this also improves your Google+ publisher compliance, which in turn gives you an edge in Google search result page ranking;
  3. It provides a ‘badge’ to connect your blog back to your Google+ profile.This not only fortifies the connection between your blog and your Google+ presence (and completes your G+ publisher compliance), but also provides visitors with a single-click means to get to your posts and content on Google+. Since you’ll have a built-in audience on G+ and a significant amount of posted content available there, the opportunities for cross-traffic are obvious.

The code I wrote below has been implemented on my blogs and is WP-compliant. You can see it in action at in the upper-right column of the page.


In the WordPress Administration area of the blog you want to connect with your Google+ profile:

  1. Create a WordPress Text Widget and past the code below into the text area (without the CODE tags).
  2. In a new browser window, go to your Google+ profile page. The URL will look like this:
  3. From the URL, copy the long string of numbers. That’s your Google+ profile ID.
  4. Return to your Text Widget; in the code you previously pasted, look for the string of numbers similar to those you just copied. Delete the old numbers and paste the string from your Google+ profile.
  5. In the code text below, the name ‘Jonathan Bates‘ (my name) appears. Delete and replace with your name.
  6. Save the widget and close.
  7. Open your blog and confirm that you see a Google ‘+1’ button and beneath it, {your name} on {google+ image}.
  8. That’s it. You’re done.

Note: The Google ‘+1’ button may take a moment to appear, and may not show up until the rest of your blog has already rendered. That’s normal.

Click for the code for the WordPress Text Widget.

jonathan bateson