Zen Poll: Happiness or a clean kitchen?

Happy or clean? Vote your choice...

At the Momfy Blog, we pride ourselves on asking the tough questions and delving into the issues that matter for our loyal readers: in today’s post you will be forced to look deep inside yourself and answer a straightforward yet vexing question.

Here’s the poll: Do you choose Eternal Happiness or a clean kitchen?

We probably should have shown this video before asking you to vote, but… this is the degree of “messy” you’d be dealing with:


Here’s the above video link at YouTube

New Poll: Mental Health Issues Still Taboo In The Workplace


The majority of Canadians say they’d be wary of disclosing any mental health issues to their bosses or unions for fear of limiting their career prospects, finds a new national report that highlights the still hobbling efforts to address mental health concerns in the workplace.

Approximately 54% of the more than 1,000 respondents surveyed by the Conference Board of Canada worry they would be passed over for a promotion if they made their bosses aware of their mental health issues. Thirty-eight per cent said such a disclosure would likely jeopardize any future leaps ahead at work — a troubling finding, considering the mounting efforts in recent years to make the workplace more supportive for those struggling with mental health concerns.

The report, released Monday, also shone a bright light on the disconnect between how well managers feel mental health issues are addressed versus the way employees see it. While 82% of managers and executives said their workplaces promoted mental health, only 30% of employees agreed.

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