The Internet in 2011 by the numbers [Royal Pingdom]


2011 - global internet users by region

So what happened with the Internet in 2011? How many email accounts were there in the world in 2011? How many websites? How much did the most expensive domain name cost? How many photos were hosted on Facebook? How many videos were viewed to YouTube?

The website Royal Pingdom has posted answers to these questions and many more, providing a veritable smorgasbord of numbers, statistics and data about the state of the Internet in 2011.

Some of Royal Pingdom’s stats for the Internet in 2011:


  • 555 million – Number of websites (December 2011).
  • 300 million – Added websites in 2011.

Internet users

  • 2.1 billion – Internet users worldwide.
  • 922.2 million – Internet users in Asia.
  • 476.2 million – Internet users in Europe.
  • 271.1 million – Internet users in North America.
  • 215.9 million – Internet users in Latin America / Caribbean

Social media

  • 800+ million – Number of users on Facebook by the end of 2011.
  • 200 million – Number of users added to Facebook during 2011.
  • 350 million – Number of Facebook users that log in to the service using their mobile phone.
  • 225 million – Number of Twitter accounts.
  • 100 million – Number of active Twitter users in 2011.
  • 18.1 million – People following Lady Gaga. Twitter’s most popular user.
  • 250 million – Number of tweets per day (October 2011).

Read the full article with all the numbers on Royal Pingdom

Is Lady Gaga a Satanist Illuminati Slave?


Pop-music’s strangest conspiracy theories

eminem wears illuminati necklaceI’m not sure if Eminem has yet managed to escape the grasp of the Illuminati—the secret society of string pullers whose ranks he joined years ago in exchange for wealth, fame, and power—but I know he’s been trying very hard.

Numerous people online tell me so. There is, for starters, a Yahoo Answers page that poses the question “Is Eminem trying to break free from the Illuminati?” and offers spirited excavation and analysis of the hidden anti-Illuminati messages Eminem embedded in his song “Not Afraid.” There is a four-page message-board thread titled “Is Eminem an Illuminati slave?”

eminem flashes illuminati symbologyYouTube video called “Eminem vs. Illuminati” explains, via solemn text and creepy music, that when the Detroit M.C. titled a song “Cinderella Man,” it was not because the redemptive plot of the 2005 Ron Howard film Cinderella Man echoes Eminem’s own comeback from drug addiction, but rather because, like Cinderella with her wicked stepsisters, Eminem was “forced to do the chores for the Illuminati by sending subliminal messages through his music.”

Ignore any comment-section sheep who bah that this is ridiculous: When that video ends, the hunt for truth has only just begun.

From a list of suggested related videos, you can choose “Eminem: His illuminati sacrifice Part 1”; “Eminem Fights Back Against The illuminati”; “Eminem against illuminati 2011!”; “Eminem My Darling Illuminati” and on and on. Some of the Eminem/Illuminati videos have been viewed 5,000 times. Others, close to 300,000…

Read the complete article at from Jonah Weiner

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One of the funniest takedowns of Human Resources ridiculousness ever broadcast on television, courtesy of Denis Leary’s excellent series ‘Rescue Me‘ on the FX Network:

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